Monday, April 12, 2010

Goodbye, Bob.

Well, I did it. Tonight, when I put Silas to bed, he said, "I want Bob." And I said, "No more Bob anymore." (Bob is his pacifier.)
His little lip quivered, and he asked in a mournful tone, "Why?"
And I said, "Because you grew into too big of a boy for Bob."
Wonder filled his voice. "I DID?! I'm big now?"
I nodded. "Too big for Bob." His lips quivered again, and he let me hold him while the tears quietly fell. "It's hard to grow up, isn't it?" I asked.
"But I love you, and Jesus loves you, and you still have Pooh-Bobboo." (Pooh-Bobboo is his Winnie the Pooh blankie.)
"Big boys don't have Bobs and Pooh-Bobboos," he assured me. But his lips were still quivering.
I told him a secret about some 'big boys and girls' he knows who still have their bobboos. He laughed.
Isaiah prayed for him that he would be brave and the Lord would help him. And he prayed for Isaiah that he would 'do his test good' tomorrow.
Oh, how I love my brave little boys. And I'm going to go cry now.