Monday, November 2, 2009

Thoughts on Equality

Without discrimination, God offers His mercy and the forgiveness of sin to every man who will put his faith in Jesus Christ. And with full equality, He requires each of us to repent of our sin.

The most hateful, discriminatory thing I can think of is to separate out one group of sinners from the rest and assure them they have no need of repentance. It's the spiritual equivalent of offering them a shower and herding them into a gas chamber. A church that puts its stamp of approval on the very sins Jesus bled to pay for is a church offering indulgences. The indulgences are worthless to those who receive them, and the church shares in the sins it approves. If God smiles on sin, why crucifixion? How could He offer His Son to die in agony if our sins are no offense to Him?

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