Thursday, January 1, 2009

Real Love

Under the influence of floods of warmth and good will, it's easy to look down your nose at older couples who have mellowed, as though their love is less than your flaming attraction.

What is love? Is it flowers and moonlight? Is it declarations on a billboard or a status update? Or is it something else?

Real love comes in tired and reaches out to help. It calls home to keep them from worrying. It doesn't have to put it on a billboard or a status update -- actions show it. Real love learns how to cook. Real love cares more about the loved one's soul than its own wants, desires, and "needs". Real love smiles and assures his wife that the horribly oversalted garlic bread "is fine", even though swallowing it will likely bring on a heart attack. Real love helps you walk stronger -- it doesn't pull you into sin. Real love stays home when going out is more fun. It goes out even though it would rather stay home. It sits through a football game though it HATES football, because he likes it. Real love turns off the game to give her the time she needs.

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