Monday, September 6, 2010

To the End

 Jesus said, "I am with you always, even to the end of the world."

He is with me. He was with Joseph in prison. With Daniel in a pit of lions. With Ishmael in the desert. With Gideon in the winepress. In rooms that shut out all the world, in places of suffering that no one else sees, He is with me. Even to the end of my world.

I read this today:

"When from my life the old-time joys have vanished,
Treasures once mine, I may no longer claim,
This truth may feed my hungry heart, and famished;
Lord, Thou remainest! Thou art still the same!

When streams have dried, those streams of glad refreshing--
Friendships so blest, so rich, so free;
When sun-kissed skies give place to clouds depressing,
Lord, Thou remainest! Still my heart hath Thee.

When strength hath failed, and feet, now worn and weary,
On gladsome errands may no longer go,
Why should I sigh, or let the days be dreary?
Lord, Thou remainest! Could'st Thou more bestow?

Thus through life's days - whoe'er or what may fail me,
Friends, friendships, joys, in small or great degree,
Songs may be mine, no sadness need assail me,
Lord, Thou remainest! Still my heart hath Thee."

(J. Danson Smith, from Streams in the Desert)

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ruthieburke said...

I am so blessed by you.