Tuesday, October 26, 2010

O My Soul

Candlelight hamburgers
Many times growing up, we would gather to the table for dinner -- all nine of us -- and we would sing our prayer to the Lord. My mom has a very loud singing voice. I hear it in my mind. I see my family, all my younger siblings, and my mom and my dad around the table singing. Sometimes others were gathered with us -- saints from far away who would stay with us, or friends who just couldn't stay away. Such sweet fellowship around the table: long hours of happy talk and stories of what the Lord had done for others. It had more effect on my faith than years of church services.

Bless the Lord!
O my soul!
And all that is within me!
Bless His holy name!
For He has done great things --
He has done great things --
He has done great things --
Bless His holy name!


Still Small Voice said...

Those were sweet times, weren't they?! Remember when Rana was there? We had breakfast, sat and talked until lunch, then sat and talked until dinner! It was like a year at bible college.

Steadfasthope said...

Vividly. I was trying to remember how many nations were represented around that table over the years. Remember that couple whose car broke down? The ones who feared the cats? Were they from Bangladesh?

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