Friday, September 2, 2011

Wednesday's The Hardest

I was given a heritage I hope to pass on.
A heritage of grace.
A heritage of prayer.
A heritage of privilege -- the privilege of being a part
of seeing the Lord's hand of help extended in answer to prayer.

Several years ago my Papa mentioned to me his method of praying for his family.
He has five children.
Plus their five spouses.
With their children and their children's children,
he has sixty-two people he considers it his responsibility to pray for regularly (if I counted correctly).
That's just unsolicited prayer because we are his.

I also want to be faithful in praying for my family.
So I paid attention.
He told me he gives one day to each of his children,
and prays for all those who came of them on that day.
He said, "Wednesday's the hardest day -- that's the day I get to your mother.
I have to allow a little extra time for them -- I start on Tuesday."

Will one of my children, in my lifetime, represent 30 souls?
Because that's how many souls are in the family just under my mother.
He told me he knows the name of every one of his grandkids and his great grandkids.
Many people never meet their great grandparents.
My children are prayed for by name by theirs.
Every Wednesday.

After my first conversation with my Papa about this,
I wrote out the days of the week,
and distributed my husband, my children, my parents, my grandparents,
my husband's parents, my siblings and their offspring over the days.
And a few pastors, missionaries, and churches I feel responsibility for.
It looks a lot less daunting to pray for a short list daily than a list I can't possibly get through.
It isn't a life habit to me yet.
I first began a couple of years ago, and have not spent all of those days carrying it out.
But I hope to hit my stride in it and run with endurance.

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Still Small Voice said...

I love this about my parents. I've tried to make this a habit too. Laura, you and Jeff are Sunday.