Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review of Babywise: How 100,000 New Parents Trained Their Babies to Sleep Through the Night the Natural Way, by Gary Ezzo

I've heard this author referred to as a "milk-Nazi", and having read the book, I understand the reference.
"The natural way?"
I've had two tongue-tied boys (that makes for inefficient eaters, unhappy tummies, and frequent feedings).
The advice in this book is harsh and without compassion for children.
I think his response to baby's hunger is in effect answering the cry for food with, "Here: eat this stone, kid."

Jesus had compassion on hungry adults.
God the Father had compassion on the children of Israel.
He pities His children when they cry to Him for help.
Babies are people, and they are not identical.
Some of them are criers, and you have to learn which cries to respond quickly to.
Some of them are not criers, and when they do cry, you know they have a real need.
It's idiotic to make hard and fast rules about how long to let the baby cry.
And if your baby is hungry, feed him, Mom!
That's why God gave you to him and equipped you with breasts.

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